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San Juan Capistrano

San Juan Capistrano

San Juan Capistrano is a charming city located in Orange County, California. With a rich history dating back to the 18th century, it is best known for its historic Spanish missions, particularly the Mission San Juan Capistrano. Often referred to as the “Jewel of the California Missions,” it was founded in 1776 and attracts tourists from around the globe with its beautiful architecture and lush gardens.

Beyond the mission, San Juan Capistrano is a vibrant city with a strong sense of community. Its downtown area is adorned with quaint shops, unique restaurants, and art galleries. Moreover, it hosts the annual return of the Swallows, a migration event where thousands of Cliff Swallows return from Argentina to San Juan Capistrano – a spectacle that’s celebrated with a parade and other festivities.

The city offers a variety of outdoor activities, thanks to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean and the San Juan Creek. You can go horseback riding, hiking, or take a scenic drive along the Ortega Highway. The city is also known for its equestrian culture, with numerous stables, riding trails, and the Rancho Mission Viejo Riding Park attracting equine enthusiasts.

San Juan Capistrano, with its blend of history, culture, natural beauty, and small-town charm, is a unique part of Southern California.


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